Lies We Tell Mothers cover large

Lies We Tell Mothers

Suzy K Quinn
Publisher: Lake Union
1st August

Suzy and her husband Demi were child-free, carefree twenty-somethings, working hard and playing much harder in their fun, shared house in Brighton. But as Suzy approached thirty, they realised they wanted to have kids sooner rather than later – but that didn’t mean anything else about their life had to change, right?

Working through the advice (or lies!) commonly told to new parents, Suzy debunks the myths that childbirth isn’t that bad, cocoa butter will magically get rid of your stretchmarks and that two kids is the same amount of work as having one. Along the way, Suzy shares funny and poignant personal anecdotes from her own experiences raising two girls, from breastfeeding, to hot chocolate addiction, to her eventual decision to move out of the city she loved.

From frazzled new mother to happy families, Lies We Tell Mothers is the ultimate ‘life’ journey; a journey with many highs, many lows but one that Suzy wouldn’t change for the world. Strap that baby carrier on… this could be a bumpy ride!

About the Author

Suzy K Quinn is the author of feel-good romance and page-turning thrillers, including the best-selling Bad Mother’s Diary series. Her books have sold over three quarters of a million copies worldwide. Lies We Tell Mothers is her first non-fiction book. Suzy is also a journalist and has previously written for The Guardian, Perfect Wedding Magazine and the Sunday Times Magazine.