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Little Me

Matt Lucas
Publisher: Canongate
7th June 2018

‘The thing is, this is a bit different to most memoirs you may have read, because it comes in the form of an A–Z. For instance, B is for Baldy! – which is what people used to shout at me in the playground (not much fun), G is for Gay (because I’m an actual real life gay) and T is for TARDIS (because I’m a companion in Doctor Who now). You get the sort of thing.’

Matt Lucas

An award-winning comedian, actor and writer, Matt Lucas is one of the nation’s most recognisable stars. He started his comedy career in the early nineties, working with Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer on The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer and Shooting Stars, where he played giant baby George Dawes, but discovered major success with co-star David Walliams in Little Britain and Come Fly With Me, for which they won three BAFTAs, three NTAs and two International Emmy Awards. Matt received much praise for his work onstage in Les Misérables and has since gone on to feature in many successful films and TV shows including: Alice in Wonderland, Bridesmaids, Paddington, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and now Doctor Who. This is his story.

Praise for Little Me

“To be truly unique in this world is almost impossible to achieve; this book is about someone who achieved it. Raw, honest, funny and moving” – James Corden

“A great read . . . it contains a wit and an emotional acuity far above the norm” – The Times

“Even when he’s baring his soul, Matt’s still hilarious – we’d expect nothing less” – OK!

“Standing out can be tough, but Matt Lucas is used to that. Being slightly different is just one of the many topics he chats about in this book . . . all handily arranged in A-Z format. Oh, and it’s hilarious, too” – Heat

“Matt is not only hilarious and kind, he’s probably the most generous person I know. All of which is wonderfully evident in this book” – Rebel Wilson

“Brutally honest and brilliantly funny, this book is as brave and warm as the man who wrote it” – Graham Norton

“Funny, surprising, sad, authentic, inspirational, honest, stupid” – Bob Mortimer

“A book filled with love. It’s absolutely gorgeous” – Russell T Davies

“An emotional and hilarious read” – Mail on Sunday

“I found his tales of his growing up, and his early attempts to break the comedy circuit, fascinating and at times very moving . . . a lively, warmly recommended book” – Den of Geek!

You can follow Matt on Twitter @RealMattLucas