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Mr Godley’s Phantom

Mal Peet
Publisher: David Fickling Books
4th October 2018

“It was like discovering that he had an incurable disease, that, having inhaled the miasma of death, he could never be well again.” 

A story of two men, deeply damaged by the traumas of war. An inexplicable haunting by phantoms of every kind. A novel that demands to be devoured in a single sitting.

Part ghost story, part crime novel and pat something else entirely, this is the very last book that Mal Peet finished. He lived to complete it, but not to see it published. Typically, though, it breaks exciting new ground. More brilliant than ever are Mal’s timing and pacing, his cinematic cutting between scenes and pitch-perfect dialogue. The 1940s flavour of cigarettes, petrol and musty interiors in uncannily atmospheric. And, more deeply than ever before, he penetrates the mysteries of grief, guilt and evil.

Praise for Mal Peet

“Something for every reader, not least those who revel in excellent writing” – Guardian 

“Master storyteller” – The Bookseller

About the Author

Mal Peet wrote eight novels, of which this is the last. He quietly accrued literary awards in the UK, the USA and Europe – including The Branford Boase Award and a Nestle Children’s Book Award (Keeper), The Carnegie Medal (Tamar) and The Guardian Children’s Book Prize (Exposure). He passed away in 2015 and is sorely missed by everyone who knew him and everyone who read him.