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Octavio’s Journey

Miguel Bonnefoy
Publisher: Gallic Books
13th March 2017

His body might have been hewn from a tree trunk; his heart would last for a hundred years. And, like a tree, he was one of those men who die standing up…

A chance encounter with a beautiful woman in a pharmacy transforms the life of the lonely and illiterate giant Octavio. He is taught to read and finds himself on the cusp of happiness. But Octavio’s destiny does not lie there, as a twist of fate sends him on a transformative journey into the Venezuelan rainforest. On his travels, he will meet the most extraordinary people and discover the truth about himself.

Shortlisted for the Goncourt First Novel Award 2015, Octavio’s Journey is a short but magical fable about an extraordinary hero, and a lyrical hymn to the story of Venezuela.

Praise for Octavio’s Journey:
‘A masterfully composed poetic and picaresque fable’ Le Figaro

‘A wonderful debut’ Liberation

‘Simply magical’ Elle

About the Author
Miguel Bonnefoy was born in France in 1986 to a Venezuelan mother and a Chilean father. He studied at the Sorbonne, acquiring two Master’s degrees in Louis Aragon and Romain Gary. In 2013, he was awarded the prestigious Prix du Jeune Ecrivain. Octavio’s Journey is his first novel, written in French. As well as being shortlisted for the Goncourt First Novel Award, it also won the Prix Edmée-de-La-Rochefoucauld 2015, the Prix L’Île aux livres 2015, the Prix Fénéon 2015 and the Prix littéraire de la vocation 2015.