Samaritans Large


Jonathan Lynn
Publisher: Endeavour Press
6th July 2017

Samaritans Medical Centre in Washington DC is a struggling hospital beset by rising costs and poor management. The Board, in desperation, hires as its new CEO a hotel man: Max Green, the head of hotel operations at a Vegas casino. He understands everything about check-in and check-out, number of dinners served, number of beds occupied but he has no interest at all in health care. He does, however, see how to make a huge profit out of hospital care and make billions. Andrew Sharp, a cardio-thoracic surgeon from the UK, fed up with the NHS, initially shares Max’s view that a hospital should be run on a business school model. But medical disasters, a mysterious death and finding love with Cathy his secretary all combine to change Andrew’s mind, leading to a bitter confrontation between them.

Praise for Samaritans
“Jonathan Lynn, already a comedy legend, has reinforced his storied reputation with this coruscating, wrathful, passionate, hilarious and astonishingly timely satire.  The catastrophic state of medical care is his story but Samaritans can be read too as a wider allegory, a discourse on a politics of greed, dis-entitlement, deregulation and social brutality that has run quite mad.” Stephen Fry

“Jonathan Lynn takes on the US medical system with the same probing laser he applied to ‘Yes Minister’ and wryly proves that malpractice makes profit. Funny and ingenious” Maureen Lipman

About the Author
Jonathan Lynn is a multi-award winning actor, writer, director and producer and one of the UK’s most respected and successful satirists.  He co-created and co-wrote Yes Minister, Yes Prime Minister; wrote and directed Clue, Nuns on the Run and directed My Cousin Vinny. He is also a bestselling novelist and acclaimed playwright.