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Paul Hoffman
Publisher: Red Opera
7th September 2017

From the incredible mind of Paul Hoffman, author of the bestselling The Left Hand of God trilogy comes a sharply intelligent and darkly funny Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde story for the 21st Century.

Raised by violence in a Catholic boarding school, depressed physicist Aaron Gall lives a life of misery anchored by his painful childhood memories. But when an accident at the Large Hadron Collider opens a miniature black hole in his brain, Aaron’s life is utterly transformed. Suddenly filled with a new zest for life, he finds himself inspired to embark on a new form of therapy – to track down the priests who caused him so much childhood trauma, and to talk to them about the effect they had on his life. And then eat them.

Told from the perspectives of both murderer, and the two detectives tasked with bringing him to justice, Scorn is a bold and sharp look at modern society filled with tragedy, pitch-black humour, and gripping revenge. A novel like no other, it pulls no punches and delivers an outstanding set of shocking twists alongside laugh-out-loud comedy.

About the Author
Paul Hoffman
is the son of Irish immigrants and was born in a house lacking running water or electricity. He spent six years detained without trial in a Catholic boarding school. His previous novels include The Wisdom of Crocodiles in which he predicted the collapse of the financial system, The Golden Age of Censorship, a black comedy based on his experience as a film censor, and the bestselling The Left Hand of God trilogy, which anticipated the rise of ISIS and has been translated into thirty languages.