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Rachel Landon
Publisher: Piatkus
5th October 2017

Superherbs: The best adaptogens to reduce stress and improve health, beauty and wellness. 

Superfoods have had their day. Now superherbs, or adaptogens, are on every health cognoscenti’s radar as the next big thing in wellness. Adaptogens may seem like a new trend (particularly turmeric), but their effects are actually based on centuries-old medicine.

Superherbs, or adaptogens, work as the name suggests, helping the body adapt to life and in particular to the stresses from our environment. We’ve all been informed about superfoods and the nutrients they pack, but superherbs do more than deliver vitamins and nutrition – they help the body adapt to stress whether emotion, environmental, or immune related.

Featuring the most easy-to-source and use adaptogens such as turmeric, rosemary, echinacea and maca, you will learn their history, importance, what they do for us and ten ways that we can incorporate them into our lives including recipes, teas, tonics, beauty regimes, etc. Superherbs will help you find the best ways to de-stress, relieve anxiety, reduce inflammation and so much more, all in a healthy, natural way.


Rachel Landon is a former model and qualified with honours in Naturopathy Herbal Medicine and Iridology. She now has her own practice working with patients holistically, in order to support the body and immune system with bespoke supplements, herbs and nutritional plants. She is also a fully trained yoga therapist for children with learning and social difficulties working in schools around London and has taught herbal salve and formula courses at The Life Centre using easy-to-find local herbs.

She has written articles for Get The Gloss, Neal’s Yard Remedies, Thandie Kay blog, Stylist magazine France and Your Fitness magazine.