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Superhuman Innovation

Chris Duffey
Publisher: Kogan Page
3rd March 2019

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is today’s game-changer. It’s the new electricity of our times, revolutionising industries across the world. AI will innovate the creation of products, services and experiences at scale, and then amplify those ventures. It has the potential to empower humanity to be even more human, by providing seemingly superhuman abilities, results and powers to reinvent and remaster our world.

Superhuman Innovation explains how to harness the power of AI. It explains why we need to change the ways we do business, and how AI can be used to gain competitive advantage. Chris Duffey and his conversational AI agent, Aimé, have an insightful and lively dialogue to describe the ways in which AI and machine learning can impact business and brand innovation and also how AI will ‘up level’ humanity to superhuman levels and how we will all, as a result, become more productive and efficient than ever before.

But what does it actually mean to be superhuman? What does the relationship between human and AI machine have in store for us? The structure of the dialogue between Duffey and Aimé shows us that as machine learning advances and these machines become more intelligent, we gain an insight into the infinite ways AI can be leveraged to help amplify the human condition. The conversation between the two portrays the everyday user experience of technology as an intelligent assistant – millions of people around the world chat to bots – Alexa, Siri, etc – on a daily basis.

Superhuman Innovation, by being the first book about AI written with the help of AI, talks the talk and walks the walk – it not only shows how AI will up-level business and humanity but actively demonstrates it by utilising AI, technically and metaphorically. This is the only book to balance the practical, theoretical and technical sides of AI.

How AI was used

In the context of this book, the AI function – or Aimé – is not a single sourced technology but rather a suite of technologies, many of which are open-source, each building on a different set of concepts, approaches and infrastructures. For example, the conversational side of Aimé leverages expert systems using techniques such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and Natural Language Generation (NLG). These allow her to identify, understand and respond to key words, phrases, ideas and requests, and identify examples of experiences and reasoning.

Aimé embodies three main systems; AI Voice Recognition, AI Content Understanding and Summarisation, and AI Content Creation and Generation. AI and conversational agents are still in their infancy, and Aimé (just like humans) is not perfect.  Aimé is a mix of science and art, designed to work together in order to deliver smarter, faster, more efficient results by handling and analyzing vast amounts of data. She is part conversational text and part conversational speech, and, via machine learning, will only get smarter over time – with the aim is to be of service to humanity, enabling humans to be more productive but also to work more intelligently.

Aimé’s name is derived from the French phrase for beloved (bien aimé), and is also a symbolic combination of AI + me. The name reflects a foundational belief that AI will become humanity’s beloved co-creator and intelligent personal assistant as we go forward.

Artificial Intelligence and conversational agents like Aimé show us how AI assistants will empower us across all areas of our lives, and, as AI matures, its impact on what we do will grow significantly.  We’re now at an inflection point in time, because AI is finally actionable.

Superhuman Innovation uniquely shows you how to creatively supercharge this revolutionary opportunity.

About the Author

Chris Duffey leads Adobe’s Creative Cloud strategic development partnerships across the Creative enterprise space. Chris’ keynotes have received over 50+ million impressions. His sessions have been reported around the world by media outlets including Access Hollywood, Extra, Ok Magazine, Hello, People, Daily Mail and Euro News.

In addition, his work has been profiled in several publications, including the Guardian, Mirror, The Wall Street Journal, The Drum, New York Post, Campaign and Business Insider. Google, McKinsey and Wharton have featured him and his work in their digital marketing book. Chris serves on Rutgers University Data Advisory Board and The Board of Directors for ANA Association of National Advertisers.

Prior to Adobe, Chris was an award-winning Executive Director, noted speaker, author and Artificial Intelligence and mobile technologist. Business Insider and Yahoo have featured him as one of ‘the industry’s leaders on the top issues, challenges and opportunities in the fast-changing world of mobile marketing’. Chris has been a creative consultant with over 35 advertising agencies across many global holding companies including WPP, IPG, Havas, Omnicom, Publicis and MDC, having worked across every major industry vertical. He is an accomplished author on the inevitable relevance of AI and Mobile, with an affinity towards creating innovation for the most complex business challenges imaginable.