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The Leadership Lab

Chris Lewis and Dr Pippa Malmgren
Publisher: Kogan Page
3rd October 2018

The world is in a state of flux. We’ve all been unsettled by the seismic geopolitical and economic changes that include Brexit, inflation and the rise of new political powers.

‘Drill-down’ thinking is no longer enough. ‘Look across’ skills have become more prized. The overwhelmingly male, heterosexual, white, predictable, Western-orientated, left-brain rationed, technology-leveraged, top-down leadership culture is being challenged by one which is inverted, irrational, gender-fluid, strategically multi-polar, information soaked, multi-racial and rapidly changing.

So how do leaders navigate this fast-changing global landscape and what does it mean for the future?

Megatrends analyst, Dr Pippa Malmgren is one of the world’s leading economists and entrepreneurs. A former White House Presidential adviser she now advises the British Government as well as working alongside the world’s largest financial and military organisations. Chris Lewis is an entrepreneur, a former journalist and founder of one of the largest creative agencies in the world, Lewis Communications. Together, this formidable duo, have come together to rationalise and examine the findings of the world’s most powerful and forward-thinking minds to write The Leadership Lab: Understanding Leadership In The 21st Century; a must-read for anyone looking for guidance on how to navigate the future.

The Leadership Lab:

• Includes exclusive interviews with top executives
• Denounces antiquated thinking
• Uses the visual and intellectual concept of a ‘kythera’
• Shows that leadership is being placed under extreme pressure
• Concludes that the economic response to change has been short-termism
• Reviews the nature of change in China, America, Russia, Europe and the Middle East

Praise for The Leadership Lab

“The book that proves the reign of the ‘hero CEO’ is over. Chris Lewis and Pippa Malmgren make a compelling case for the philosophy that many of us have already bought into – successful modern leadership is about how you interact with the people around you and the information at your fingertips.” - Melanie Richards, Vice Chair KPMG

“The Leadership Lab rightly shines a white hot spotlight on the need for 21st century leaders to be thinking about gender and provides a valuable snapshot on how to get started.” - Julia Gillard, 27th Prime Minister of Australia, Chair of the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership, King’s College London

About the Authors

Dr Pippa Malmgren is an economist and an entrepreneur. A former White House Presidential adviser, she now advises the British Government and the world’s largest financial and military organisations. Her best-selling book, Signals, explains how she forecasted the great financial crisis, the slowdown in China, Brexit and rise of American nationalism.

Chris Lewis is an entrepreneur and author of the best-seller on ideas Too Fast to Think. He is a former journalist and founder of one of the largest creative agencies in the world. Founded in 1995, his practice now encompasses 25 offices and 500 staff.